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Yep, they surely did elect an internet troll to be POTUS. This was the year of the troll: the lowest form of human excrement whose libelious social commentary influenced a mob of stupid, angry people. They should enjoy trolling while it lasts. We should doxx these assholes into oblivion and let them starve literally and figuratively. But that is the nicest solution i can come up with, or at least share in civilized conversation.

Burn baby burn.

So. Im really fucking pissed. And, I cant just vent about it openly because, you know both obscenity laws and that stupid riot act. Totally am shocked. Well, not true. Im not that stupid despite being a libtard and all. Thanks SJWs, Hillary Clinton, BLM, and the Democratic National Committee for totally ass fucking us sans lube. We appreciate your stupidity in helping elect Der Fuhrer Orange del Fucko Von Fuckface the 3rd.

These people actually elected Donald Trump. These people actually voted for this narcissistic sociopath believing he will "change" the system from within. I have trouble containing my laughter. And I'm feeling slightly violent as the song goes. I just cant believe so many people are truly that stupid. And these degenerate scum who are yelling "FUCK YOU!" and tossing this loss in our faces as if we personally lost are by far indicative of a more dangerous problem. Maybe they make me madder than Trump himself, but this is just one sorry ass clusterfuck i dont care to be a part of anymore.

When it all goes down in flames, I will not help. Dont ask me to help, dont expect any ounce of benevolence from me. Dont ask me to protect you or to defend you. I will be that guy eating popcorn...in Iceland...watching closely the process by which you put yourselves into. You cut off your nose to spite your face. Now eat shit from your polished turd of a President.

What is wrong with you people?!

I seriously think many Trump supporters need to be institutionalized. I've never seen such levels of pure hatred...praying for the death of Democrats and such...its disgusting. I make jokes about violence and hate, but these people...they arent joking. They really want their opposition to suffer and die. We are entering the year 1860. Get your popcorn ready.

I mean, what the fuck do they think is going to happen? Are we that petty that Democracy will no longer be acceptable for the transition of power? There are people living in fear in this country as to what will happen on election day and this is wrong. Those that seek violence shall receive violence, and only fools who have never been on the receiving end of that have such desires. I dont know what to tell people, and all i know is the disgust i now feel.

Maybe humanity deserves an ugly fate with the way ww treat each other. In all these years we have learned absolutely nothing.

This just in!

I'm pompous and arrogant...tell me something I dont already know, geniuses.

I dont have time for Mickey Mouse bullshit. If people say something pissy to me, it will not stand. I will call you out. I will let you know how stupid you are, and i will give zero, ZERO fucks about what you think of my demeanor.

Oct. 12th, 2016

And then, there was dumb. And dumb was good. Dumb was the standard. And White people were the reason and purpose of all that was bad according to dumb. White is the gold standard and all else found wanting according to dumb.


A Social Justice Manifesto

It never stops. You enjoy all of this conflict, dont you? You check your news feed a dozen times per day, waiting, watching for the next big tragedy. You crave it deep within you, the need for confirmation of what you knew all along. You want the next big event to trigger the change you desperately want, and you hope every event despite how tragic can steer any relevant conversation your way. You want to feel important, that your voice and opinion matters in a sea of conflicting voices as if yours will be "the one" who walks people back from the ledge. But you are irrelevant and you know it. You know there isnt an amplifier big enough to broadcast your self righteousness, your legendary virtue onto this depraved world. No matter what it wont be enough. But you will try. You will become the kung foo keyboard master, the anonymous internet warrior who will change this dreadful fucking world into what you want, feelings and facts be damned! It is brave to convey every inane thought, every epiphany you have while pinching a loaf onto the world. Your thoughts, like your shit, cant be held in. Oh no, they will poke out, prairie dogging the environment, waiting for the right moment, that perfect trigger to deliver your mental abortion into this world. But nobody gives a fuck. Minds are made up. Opinions and beliefs are set. People will not change, not for you, not for anybody unless coerced through pain, fear, or violence. You know its true. When youre angry, when you feel your heart beating a mile a minute during your moments of indignation, you wish you could hurt people, to forcibly change their stupid ways. You wonder how you could hurt them or coerce them without making yourself look bad. Maybe you fantasize about power, or letting the government enforce your beliefs on others, letting the biggest baddest bully of all do your dirty work for you since you are too chicken shit to do ut yourself. Maybe you dont have these thoughts. Maybe you just hope the disillusioned souls all come to Jesus on their own, that they have a moment of clarity even if its the most painful experience of their lives. Or maybe you just said "fuck them" and wisely choose to wait for the other side to implode as so many retarded ideas do when presented by unintelligent people. Who knows? Regardless, you are always right and they are always wrong and you will always win. You are on the right side of history and others stand with you. Those who oppose your views are weak, both intellectually and spiritually. Their lack of faith will be their undoing as they will likely grow so tired, so very frustrated that they give up or give in to you. Its just a matter of time. And when you are young, time is more on your side than you know in this war of idealogical attrition. Fuck all those old people and white males who ruled the world with their oppressive iron fists. Fuck the old women who enabled those men, and the racist, sexist parents who spawned them. In fact, you owe no respect or allegiance to any of your elders as they are the ones who fucked up the planet and enforced their systemic oppression on all. You probably have a few choice criticisms about America and all of the problems it has. And you are angry nobody talks about them. Grand old America, the haven for the white race, whose evil spread from Europe committing genocide and slavery. Those fucking pillaging Europeans and their need for freedom from tyranny, their quest for the dillusion of self-determination. Fuck their individualism and need to gain meaning for themselves by the choices they make, for their choices destroyed entire populations. And now, its payback time for the Native American and the Black and we are going to make those people pay for what they did. We will drive them back to Europe and show the world that we are a community of equality with no tolerance for individual freedoms. If you offend us, youre done. If you stand against us, youre done. Your time has passed and it is our time, devoid of the hatred perpetrated by 400 years. That is what you think, right? This is what you want, right? You dream of humiliating the majority, to force feed that humble pie made from a collection of shit. Its almost an erotic fantasy to you all, to see the white men lose everything and be placed in chains as divine retribution for your feelings of humiliation. But this doesnt feel right to you...you want the money and power instead. So this is the plan--destabilize the country, force a majority population to surrender everything because they should feel guilty, take the money and the crown and live happily ever after. Heavy is the brow that wears the crown. But it cant be "all" there is...it seems like something is missing. You still feel there is an unfair litmus test, that there are hostile eyes upon you. You cant have that, and you cant stomach the looks which are every bit as condescending and wary as they were before you gained so much. Now what? What would other countries do? Other religions? You shouldnt have to tolerate or accept these little yapping dogs who have lost their power and money--they deserved their fate and there is no going back. But they keep barking and acting like "they know" what is best and that they "know" equality of outcome is better than equity of opportunity. Idiots! And when justice came to these white supremacists they still dont get it, and they wont shut the fuck up. You probably can think of no real solutions, but they will be a problem, always. They still havent accepted their place in the world as your equals, finally. They still want to cause trouble in your perfect otopian world, demanding all these rights and freedoms they willingly gave up to serve the greater good...you just cant understand it. You did everything right and now, what? You wanted this world and you got it, so why do you still have conflict? You changed the world in your mind and it is just as fucked as the world you live in. You still dont see the big picture, and this is your one chance to save the world. So do it. Fix the wrongness of all those you encounter. Call them all racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc. Dont let their ideas win, and dont let their hate be expressed in any way. They have no right to offend, and if youre lucky they will lose a lot more than that! Give your all, it is your sacred duty as a warrior for social justice. It is your duty to properly socialize the world, and fuck these assholes and their individual rights! This is your purpose for living. This is the emptiness of your soul needing to be filled by destroying individuality. Be proud of your Orwellian heritage.

Maybe done, maybe not

I really feel torn right now.

I can stay neutral and play it safe, or i could give a damn and risk losing so much.

But i have to continually ask myself a tough question: Is it worth it? I dont think it is and it never was. If the world around me burns it must have deserved that fate.


People who are seriously considering voting for Trump need their heads examined. I think they have been drinking tainted water with lead and parasites.

And Hillary can take her systemic racism and shove it.

Be careful, stupid is contagious

Im so sick of this motherfucker.

Look at how a legitimate question was asked and how it was ignored.

Wah, "hes being lectured to" waaah. He needs to be lectured to because hes a fucking idiot. His stupidity is contagious and when your stance and argument are tenuous at best, believe me the adults are going to call you out. Its our job to correct your dumb ass because it is painful to watch. Painful.


Not yet over?! I must be dreamin

Still waiting on the "Fuck white people" narrative to end, but the social justice crowd really wants their downfall to be permanent. Stop now and retain your dignity or youre going to find out there is a difference between "social justice" and "justice." You see, there is no social justice. Social justice is a made up term, implying equality of outcome. This is utopian bullshit which creates the rise of fascism and socialism...it is, literally, the end of individualism. It would turn equality for all into inequality for all as no person would excel and the collective--the social agenda--would be more important than individual thought or achievement. There would be NO more merit. It is completely antithetical to American values and reeks, like a rotting corpse in a car on a 100 degree weekly forecast, of the influece of terrorism. When you cant defeat your opponent militarily or economically, you destroy them from within. You turn their people against one another, and incite populist rage against the majority, the status quo, and against those agents of the system. Take out the agents then take out the system. Its simple really. Why cant people see this shit going on? Why are we accepting all these toxic narratives? Demand evidence, question motives, and find what the endgame entails before we let these nasty, dumb fucks ruin our country.